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1) What is your background? What brought you to the crypto space?

I worked under the Obama Administration at the National Economic Council at the White House on Fintech Policy and afterwards in Venture Capital, through which I gained exposure into the Blockchain space from a nontechnical standpoint. Afterwards, I dove into the technical aspects, incentive structures, game theory, and infrastructure requirements.

2) What is your fund strategy?

We run a long/short hedge fund actively trading liquid tokens, investing into ICOs, and taking longer term positions on various protocols, coins, and tokens. Our approach allows us to hedge our downside risk on a volatile asset class, which allows us to outperform long only funds during market corrections and drawdowns. Moreover, our team is able to take advantage of shorter term market movements to capture alpha on less scrutinized market movements.

3) What do you benchmark against? How have you performed relative to this benchmark?

We benchmark ourselves against Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the more liquid assets in the market, measured by a beta ratio. We have outperformed peer funds during volatile periods, including a positive month in January.

4) How do you analyze new investment opportunities? What is your fund process?

For long term investments, we look for defensible tokens that can’t be replaced with Ether or a Protocol coin. We then conduct diligence on the teams, code review for products, the mechanics of the sale, and legal & regulatory concerns. Our shorter term trading is based on technical analysis of markets by our traders.

5) What projects are you excited about?

Projects focused on addressing privacy & scalability within existing protocols and more private store of values. We remain excited about Bitcoin.

6) What are some of the technological trends you are watching in 2018?

We are closely watching the response of regulators to the rise of a new asset class, the emergence of securities on a blockchain, scalability of various protocols, decentralization of centralized exchanges & providers, and the influx of top developer talent into the space.

7) What are your projections for the market in 2018?

We project the bull run from last year will continue, though it will become tougher for everyone to outperform a simple buy and hold strategy. This is not financial advice.

8) Why did you want to be apart of Apex Token Fund?

I want to work with the Apex team in the regulation-compliant tokenization of assets as I believe this will begin to differentiate professional and longterm oriented teams from potentially nefarious and bad actors. I think Apex Token Fund is the tip of the spear for this kind of approach.