Apex Token Fund

Questions about a diverse and curated collection of the world's top performing crypto hedge funds with a single investment that is liquid from day one.


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  • Why a Fund of Funds?

    Our goal is to provide risk adjusted crypto investments with attractive returns, by leveraging a group of best of class crypto hedge funds.

  • How will you manage risk?

    Leveraging our years of experience and extensive data room, we have identified 4 market conditions: bull/bear, certain/uncertain that all have have unique, optimal trading strategies. We have created a proprietary strategy, All Cycle Bellwether, that combines these strategies into a portfolio that we believe offers the maximal upside while mitigating investment risks.

  • How are funds selected?

    We have carefully selected hedge funds that optimally execute each of the value based strategies in our All Cycle Bellwether portfolio. Funds are selected after rigorous due diligence and analytics to ensure they are of exceptional value, sound strategy, professional execution and integrity.

  • How can I own a piece of the Apex Fund of Funds?

    Ownership of our fund of funds investment is represented by ownership of a fixed supply of APEX tokens, which effectively represent LP shares in the master fund. These tokens can be purchased during a pre-sale and public sale. Tokens are tradeable at fund launch, making an investment liquid between fund launch and harvest.

  • What kind of token is APEX?

    APEX tokens are ERC20 tokens hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Why implement a token?

    There are three main advantages to tokenizing the fund investment: Instant liquidity, allowing the tokens to be tradeable at fund launch; Democratization of access, lowering the minimum contribution necessary to gain exposure to the top performing crypto hedge funds; and Diversified exposure to the burgeoning crypto asset class.

  • Can I exchange my APEX token for other tokens?

    You can exchange APEX tokens on any exchanges that list them, or trade them in a peer to peer fashion.

  • What gives value to an APEX token?

    APEX tokens are collateralized by investments made across 10 of the top performing crypto hedge funds.

  • What will drive the value of the token in the meantime?

    APEX Token Inc will publish quarterly reports on the value of the token based on the performance of the underlying funds in the Apex portfolio. These reports will be fully public and will allow the market to place a fair value on APEX tokens.

  • Why Apex Token Inc?

    Why Apex Token Inc?